Leith Docks Cranes


Saturday morning kicked of with a journey from Glasgow to Edinburgh with my mate and fellow photographer, David Brown, to shoot The Edinburgh Angling Centre’s open day.  In the afternoon we were free to head into Leith to get some shots for our own portfolios.

This set of images are of the Stothert and Pitt cranes on the Leith Docks.

These rusting behemoths looks like some sort of industrial dinosaur looming on the dockland skyline.

The shapes and textures of the machines make for great photographic subjects, almost spoiling the photographer for choice.


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South Lanarkshire College – Make Up Artist HND Showcase


I was privileged to have an invite to South Lanarkshire College’ Make Up Artist HND Showcase event as the guest of two students, Susan Hardman and Elizabeth Newlands – thank you ladies.

Getting to South Lanarkshire College for a 6pm start when leaving Glasgow City centre at 5:30 was always going to be a challenge and despite fairly clear roads and a lucky run of traffic lights I was late!

Fortunately the event was running late and I caught the whole show.

It was every photographer’s nightmare…far away from the runway, no clear line of sight to the runway and really low light levels and multiple lights of all different colour temperatures – argh!

Unfortunately, the first couple of models were beyond my lens reach but after a bit of scouting around the room I found myself a workable position although working at ISO 6400 didn’t make for a great night of photography.

The talent and imagination on display was superb:

A wonderful evening and I hope all the students enjoy success in their future careers.

And finally, Susan and Elizabeth with their creations which have been subject to previous blog posts.

Please follow my blog and see more of my work on flickr.

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Symmetry…or not


Following my City Centre wander on the 3rd of May, I really enjoyed the architectural photographs which focused on the apparent symmetry of buildings.

With these photographs in mind, I took my camera out yesterday at lunchtime to see if I could add some more similar images to my portfolio.

The lead image is my favourite of the day, the facade of the rear of the NCP Car Park on Glasgow’s Glassford Street.

The precise horizontal and vertical lines give the impression of having been shot with a tilt shift lens.  However, that’s not a piece of glass I have in my kit bag.  Therefore the converging verticals were all corrected in LightRoom.

The final shot of my outing continued with the geometric nature of the architectural shots above, but with more emphasis on colour and shadow:


If you enjoy these photographs and want to see more of my work why not follow my blog or visit my Flickr photostream: https://www.flickr.com/photos/alantaylorphotography/


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Which song, artist or genre do you think rapresent best this place? (sic)

It was a beautiful day in Glasgow today, the cloudless sky a rare sight in our city centre.  It was too good a day to sit at my desk over lunch, so armed with my trusty Nikon I headed out on a lunchtime wander.

I’ve often driven by an old blue Police Box that sits nearby Glasgow Cross so I set off to see if I could capture an interesting shot or two of it.

The mid-day sun and harsh shadows were always going to make it a challenging day for photography.


Shooting from a 45 degree angle to the box I was able to incorporate the harsh shadow into the composition, providing something of a lead in line into the image.  In the bright sun, the blue of the box and the green of the grass were too strong and I felt a mono processing could help to make a more pleasing image.

When taking the shot I then spotted the sheet of A4 paper and orange felt tip pen blue-tacked to the side of the box:

Which song, artist or genre do you think rapresent best this place?

The sheet of paper asked a questioned but it posed a lot more…who put it there, why, how many people had written their answer and why had no one taken away the felt tip pen?

I wonder if the poster of the question was trying to influence the answers toward “rap”?

Heading back to my office I took a detour via St. Andrew’s Street and found a fabulously symmetrical block of flats and the harsh mid-day shadows became the photographer’s friend and provided a great subject for a pattern shot and an architectural shot.

And finally, as always, a little 3D shot to finish.  You will need a pair of cyan/red glasses to see the illusion.


See more of my photographs on flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/alantaylorphotography/


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Whitelees Wind Farm

33853728890_4c02aed39d_oI went somewhat unprepared for the howling wind on Sunday evening’s wander with a small group of camera club friends to Whitelees Wind Farm.  The clue of course was in the title.  Had it been called the Whitelees Gentle Breeze Farm I would have been perfectly attired.

We visited the wind firm in the hope of shooting some star shots against the foreground of the imposing wind turbines. However, the heavy evening cloud had other ideas.

We followed the path around the wind farm heading towards the view point.  On route we came across the scene above.  The solitary tree, the lone hill and the single turbine were visible for some  time.  Each of the elements of the scene sat nicely on a third but called out for something else to help complete the composition.  A further walk and a perfect lead in line appeared in the form of a fence.

Using my tripod was useless and the gusts of wind were too strong for it to stay steady but a helpful gate post gave me something firm to steady my camera on to get the shot.

I don’t regularly shoot landscapes but I am happy with the composition and processing of this one.

You can see more of my work over on flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/alantaylorphotography/


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Sunday night was the second of my shoots with make up students of their work for their graded units.

This time the theme was Malificent.

Compared with last week’s shoot which was an outdoor shoot mired by good old Scottish weather, this week should have been a lot more straightforward being indoors in the controlled environment of the make up artists lounge.

Of course shooting in someone’s home isn’t quite the same as shooting in the studio.  When you have a three light set up, low ceiling and low hanging ceiling light in the middle of the room not to mention furniture – things get a bit tricky.  And that’s before you try to fit in the model with a six foot wingspan!

After a bit of head scratching we all worked hard to produce images that did justice to the amazing make up and costume.

The feature wall of the room was a decorated glitter wall which made for a great backdrop to the black costume but created challenging reflections from the lights, so not only did I have to light the model I really had to work to incorporate the reflections and highlights into the composition.

After working through a few options we got a great set of images.  Well done to Louise Goldie (model) and Elizabeth Newlands (MUA).


For the photographers amongst you, the image above was shot with two lights.  The key light was a softbox high to my right hand side at a forty five degree angle to the model.  I asked the model to stand with her feet pointing towards the light and her head and eyes looking up directly to the softbox.

The backlight was a green gelled speeklight high behind the model on my left pointing down at a forty five degree angle.

The lighting on the red glitter wall was just a reflection of the softbox.  Therefore I had to frame the model carefully to incorporate the reflection into the composition.


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Summerlee Industrial Museum 3D Anaglyphs

Lantern 3D

An Easter weekend family outing on Saturday to Summerll Indutrial Museum ( https://culturenl.co.uk/summerlee/) provided a few opportunities for some 3D Anaglyph photography.

With these shots I have tried to make use of post processing in lightroom to bring something a little more dramatic to the images.  This is still very much a learning process but I think the oil lantern work best.

And finally.  On Sunday evening I had a “Malificent” themed shoot for a Student Make Up Artist’s grade unit.  More images to follow but here is a sneak peak of a 3D portrait of model Louise.

Malificent 3D.JPG

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