Parisian Ball Spinning

This photograph of a young man balancing a spinning football on a ID card in his mouth was shot in Paris in Sepetmber 2010.

The scene was captured just before sunset with strong raking light coming from the right of the image, causing extremely dense shadows in the original RAW image.  The image, as you see it here is a composite of three separate exposures.

The first image was of the man standing on the sandstone plinth overlooking Paris.  In the first shot he was spinning the ball on his left index finger, which was impressive enough.

The second image was a close up shot of the man’s upper half as you see it in the composite image shown here.  He really was spinning the ball as you see it, no manipulation or trickery there.

The final image was of the Eiffel Tower which was slightly out of shot from where the man was standing, so I took some liberties by moving it into the image to reinforce that this was actually Paris.

I hope you like the final image.

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