Bleak Future Project

For a while I’ve been keep to experiment with more conceptual photography, so I finally took the plunge and storyboarded a sequence of images and booked studio time, a model and a make up artisit to develop the idea into something more tangible.

I have long admired the George Lucas movie THX 1138 which depicts a futuristic civilisation where standardisation and conformity are enforced and freedom of believe and expression are suppressed.

The population are monitored via invasive close circuit television cameras with religious and moral (?) guidance issued via the television screen.

Despite this oppression. two individuals break free from the society and find emotional and physcial freedom of choice.

This sequence of images is my own brief reimagining of this great story.

Thanks to model Tyne Roberts and make up artist Rachel Wilson without whom this would have been impossible.

Final Mono _000 Final Mono _001 Final Mono _002 Final Mono _003 Final Mono _004 Final Mono _005



Rachel Wilson –

Tyne Roberts –

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