Seeing RED


I’ve never been one for taking part in a photo a day challenge, not because I’m too lazy, but life out with photography can be busy, so rather than embark on a task that I know I’ll struggle to complete, I’ve set myself a challenge to take at least one photograph on a topic, once I’ve got one I’m happy with, I’ll move onto the next topic – that might be today, it might be tomorrow or it might be next month.

Today is day one of the challenge with “RED” being the topic.

I took my camera out for a lunch hour wander around Glasgow City Centre. The lighting wasn’t great and the rain was threatening throughout my walk. However within 5 minutes of setting off I found a scene that would let me complete the first challenge; a silhouette of some sort of robot head against a red backdrop painted on a shop shutter in Glasgow’s Parnie Street.

I wasn’t ready to head back to the office just yet so kept wandering a little further. With the rain getting closer I headed down King Street and found a location that I knew would make an interesting 3D anaglyph image (you’ll need red/cyan glasses for this one)–vintage clothing on rails outside a retro clothing store.

Heading back to work I found a second image to meet the challenge criteria, a read fire alarm mounted on a red brick wall…perfect.

Challenge number one complete!

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