Another day, another photographic challenge.

Well, nearly.

Charged my camera batteries and formatted my memory cards in anticipation of another lunch hour of photography.  However a lengthy lunch time meeting put that idea to rest.  So today’s challenge theme of “Architecture” is on hold.

But I do have a new image to share today.  An abstract flower triptych.

A few weeks ago photographer Steve McGonnell was the speaker at Queen’s Park Camera, where I am currently serving as president (  Steve showed a large selection of his flower photography.  It’s something that I hadn’t really tried for myself.  So the following weekend I picked up a bunch of supermarket flowers and had a go at some table top flower photographer.

I didn’t really want to go for a straightforward record shot of the flower, I wanted to create something a little more abstract.  I set about shooting a few images using extension tubes on my 24-70mm lens to get me in close to the petals with a really narrow depth of field.

I processed the and combined them to produce this triptych:


I desaturated the image and am satisfied with the delicate tones that I’ve achieved.  There are a few blown out highlights which would usually lead me to reject an image but in this case I think they work in the context of the image.

I also wanted to try something a bit more experimental and took another flower from the bouquet and planned the shot.  This time I wanted to show the whole flower head and that therefore required a backdrop.  To make the photograph interesting the backdrop would have to compliment the colours of the flower…but I don’t have hundreds of backdrops, so what should I do?  I could have used used coloured gels on a flash gun to light a white backdrop – but I had another idea – use my laptop screen as a background.

I set up a variety of coloured layers in photoshop and flicked between the layers between each shot until I got one I thought worked.


I’m pretty happy with the results – what do you think?

Hopefully I’ll get that architecture shot tomorrow…

If you can’t wait until tomorrow, you can see more of my photography on flickr:


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