Back to the Marsh

I’ve been making a concerted effort this past week or two to get out with my camera as often as is reasonably practicable.

This morning I could have seen it far enough when I woke up and felt the cold biting at my toes but I got up and looking out the curtains I thought they sky looked hopeful for some nice morning light.

By 7:5 I was sitting in the observation hide on Cathkin Marsh under a flat grey sky without the slightest bit of interesting lighting or shadow.

The poor lighting forced me to crank up the ISO on my Nikon D600 to get any usable shutter speeds with my Sigma 150-60mm sports lens.

I persevered for an hour or so but came away with little for my efforts, just this Canadian Goose playing peek-a-boo in the long grasses.


It’s quite amazing just how much the marsh changes from week to week, a real difference in the length of the grasses today and not a sign of the frog spawn in the ponds that I photographed last week.

Now getting prepared for a pretty interesting shoot tomorrow evening, an outdoor model shoot for a make up artist’s graded unit on prosthetic horror make up…should be good.

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