Glasgow Architecture

Back to the daily theme today. My incomplete theme from Wednesday was “architecture” and today I had time to get out on my lunch hour in an effort to fulfil the brief.

I was spurred on by a fabulous lecture by Simon Butterworth at Queen’s Park Camera Club last night, in particular his architecture series of skyscraper images. You can find more of his project at his website

Simon was very generous with his photographic knowledge and brought home the importance of working on projects to produce a coherent set of images rather than just having a collection of individual shots.

But, back to the theme…Glasgow presents lots of architecture opportunities and where better to start than the Lighthouse (, home to the MacIntosh Centre.

I made my way breathlessly up the helical staircase to the viewing area at the top of the old water tower to capture some panoramic shots of Glasgow city centre, and capture a full vista of Glasgow architecture.


Making my way back down the stair case I shot up wards to get some interesting abstract shots but I was shooting hand held at ISO 6400, so perhaps another visit with a tripod is required.  Having said that, one of these shots is my favourite of the day:


I managed to satisfy my brief for the day entirely within the Lighthouse and got a few interesting shots of architects card models which introduced a twist to achieving the theme.

Remember that to see the 3D anaglyph at the end you’ll need to pop on a pair of red/cyan glasses.

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3 Responses to Glasgow Architecture

  1. NocturnalJen says:

    Did you see the university while you were there? It’s gorgeous xx

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