The Beast of Calder Water


Tonight was the night of this week’s big photoshoot. The brief was simple “an outdoor portrait in twilight lighting” for a make up artistry student’s portfolio. And the model? A cave dwelling man eating mutant! What could go wrong?

After packing my kit bag and checking, double checking and triple checking that I have batteries, memory cards, flash triggers and flashes I set of to pick up my assistant for the shoot, David Brown. I did pack my camera didn’t I?

On route to the location a light smear of rain starts to splatter on the wind screen. By the time we get to the secret location of the cave dweller the rain is a full on torrential rain storm.

I parked the car and we began to survey the area for a good shooting location. Luckily we found two great locations within 150 yard walk from the car – ideal and somewhere to shelter all my kit from the rain – perfect.

Scouting work done, the make up artist Susan Hardman and her brave model arrived for the shoot.

As it is such a cold and damp evening we set up a couple of the shots with the model still in his clothes to get the lighting and framing set up. On reviewing them I think they make for some pretty creepy images in their own right.

Of course every man eating monster needs a hug sometimes.

Thanks to Susan Hardman for selecting me as the photographer for this project and thanks to her husband who suffered wind, rain, rocky terrain and rough gravel paths in nothing but a loin cloth – you’re a trooper!

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