Sunday night was the second of my shoots with make up students of their work for their graded units.

This time the theme was Malificent.

Compared with last week’s shoot which was an outdoor shoot mired by good old Scottish weather, this week should have been a lot more straightforward being indoors in the controlled environment of the make up artists lounge.

Of course shooting in someone’s home isn’t quite the same as shooting in the studio.  When you have a three light set up, low ceiling and low hanging ceiling light in the middle of the room not to mention furniture – things get a bit tricky.  And that’s before you try to fit in the model with a six foot wingspan!

After a bit of head scratching we all worked hard to produce images that did justice to the amazing make up and costume.

The feature wall of the room was a decorated glitter wall which made for a great backdrop to the black costume but created challenging reflections from the lights, so not only did I have to light the model I really had to work to incorporate the reflections and highlights into the composition.

After working through a few options we got a great set of images.  Well done to Louise Goldie (model) and Elizabeth Newlands (MUA).


For the photographers amongst you, the image above was shot with two lights.  The key light was a softbox high to my right hand side at a forty five degree angle to the model.  I asked the model to stand with her feet pointing towards the light and her head and eyes looking up directly to the softbox.

The backlight was a green gelled speeklight high behind the model on my left pointing down at a forty five degree angle.

The lighting on the red glitter wall was just a reflection of the softbox.  Therefore I had to frame the model carefully to incorporate the reflection into the composition.


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