Whitelees Wind Farm

33853728890_4c02aed39d_oI went somewhat unprepared for the howling wind on Sunday evening’s wander with a small group of camera club friends to Whitelees Wind Farm.  The clue of course was in the title.  Had it been called the Whitelees Gentle Breeze Farm I would have been perfectly attired.

We visited the wind firm in the hope of shooting some star shots against the foreground of the imposing wind turbines. However, the heavy evening cloud had other ideas.

We followed the path around the wind farm heading towards the view point.  On route we came across the scene above.  The solitary tree, the lone hill and the single turbine were visible for some  time.  Each of the elements of the scene sat nicely on a third but called out for something else to help complete the composition.  A further walk and a perfect lead in line appeared in the form of a fence.

Using my tripod was useless and the gusts of wind were too strong for it to stay steady but a helpful gate post gave me something firm to steady my camera on to get the shot.

I don’t regularly shoot landscapes but I am happy with the composition and processing of this one.

You can see more of my work over on flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/alantaylorphotography/


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