Which song, artist or genre do you think rapresent best this place? (sic)

It was a beautiful day in Glasgow today, the cloudless sky a rare sight in our city centre.  It was too good a day to sit at my desk over lunch, so armed with my trusty Nikon I headed out on a lunchtime wander.

I’ve often driven by an old blue Police Box that sits nearby Glasgow Cross so I set off to see if I could capture an interesting shot or two of it.

The mid-day sun and harsh shadows were always going to make it a challenging day for photography.


Shooting from a 45 degree angle to the box I was able to incorporate the harsh shadow into the composition, providing something of a lead in line into the image.  In the bright sun, the blue of the box and the green of the grass were too strong and I felt a mono processing could help to make a more pleasing image.

When taking the shot I then spotted the sheet of A4 paper and orange felt tip pen blue-tacked to the side of the box:

Which song, artist or genre do you think rapresent best this place?

The sheet of paper asked a questioned but it posed a lot more…who put it there, why, how many people had written their answer and why had no one taken away the felt tip pen?

I wonder if the poster of the question was trying to influence the answers toward “rap”?

Heading back to my office I took a detour via St. Andrew’s Street and found a fabulously symmetrical block of flats and the harsh mid-day shadows became the photographer’s friend and provided a great subject for a pattern shot and an architectural shot.

And finally, as always, a little 3D shot to finish.  You will need a pair of cyan/red glasses to see the illusion.


See more of my photographs on flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/alantaylorphotography/


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