South Lanarkshire College – Make Up Artist HND Showcase


I was privileged to have an invite to South Lanarkshire College’ Make Up Artist HND Showcase event as the guest of two students, Susan Hardman and Elizabeth Newlands – thank you ladies.

Getting to South Lanarkshire College for a 6pm start when leaving Glasgow City centre at 5:30 was always going to be a challenge and despite fairly clear roads and a lucky run of traffic lights I was late!

Fortunately the event was running late and I caught the whole show.

It was every photographer’s nightmare…far away from the runway, no clear line of sight to the runway and really low light levels and multiple lights of all different colour temperatures – argh!

Unfortunately, the first couple of models were beyond my lens reach but after a bit of scouting around the room I found myself a workable position although working at ISO 6400 didn’t make for a great night of photography.

The talent and imagination on display was superb:

A wonderful evening and I hope all the students enjoy success in their future careers.

And finally, Susan and Elizabeth with their creations which have been subject to previous blog posts.

Please follow my blog and see more of my work on flickr.

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