Casualty of War


April is a great time of year for photographers. Not because of the lighter nights and the delicate quality of spring light that we start to see in the landscape. No! April is a great time of year because student make up artists are preparing submission of their end of course graded unit which invariably means some sort of gruesome special make up effects…and this year did not disappoint.

This year I was privileged to shoot the graded units of three talented make up artists, Nicola Sturrock, Stevi Stuksis and Linzi O’Connor.

Today’s post features the work of Linzi O’Connor who was inspired to create a scene featuring a severely wounded World War I soldier convalesce in his hospital bed.

It’s incredible to watch the make up artists at work, transforming their model into a work of art. On this occasion the make up brought to life the realities of the horror of war, made all the more poignant as the photoshoot took place only a few days after an allied missile attack on chemical weapons facilities in Syria bringing international conflict a step closer.

Linzi’s make up realistically depicted burns and as photographer I wanted to showcase the make up and also convey the feels of the injured soldier coming to terms with his wounds.

You can follow Linzi and see more of her work on Facebook and Instagram.

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Next time, the beautiful but horrorifying vampire goddess created by Stevi Stuksis….


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