Vampire Goddess


Sunday was a busy day, three very different photoshoots in a single day to test my concentration and keep me on my photographic toes.

Each shoot required me to capture a different feel to the images. A beauty shoot, a gritty drama shoot and this, the fantasy horror shoot.

The whole look was the vision of Make Up Artist Stevi Stuksis for her HND graded unit. First time model Brooke did a fantastic job of bringing the character alive.

As the photographer, this character brought varied photographic opportunities, from outright horror to beauty to dance. All making for a great shoot.

Once we were set up Brooke got into character. I asked her to move about a little and then she came to life and her first posed instantly gave away that she was a dancer. She then hit a series of fantastic and unexpected poses, each one better than the last.

The horror beauty shot was lit by a large softbox as the key light with a gelled speedlight providing the hair light. By this point in the shoot Brooke was hitting great shapes and making really interesting shots.

And second last shot of the day, and my favourite image from the shoot is the classic horror shotwith theatrical lighting. Just before we wrapped up I put the softbox right down on the floor and pointed it up at a 45 degree angle at Brooke and I coaxed her into her best contorted demon face…and she nailed it.

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Next time, a set of beauty portraits with Anu…


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