Balthazar and the WCS HND Makeup Artistry Showcase

As buds form on the trees and new shoots burst through the cold soil marking the seasons change, so to is it time for photographers to celebrate the opportunity to photograph the weird, the wonderful, the beautiful and the grotesque at the WCS HND Makeup Artistry Showcase year end show.

This year I had the pleasure of shooting graded unit of Make Up Artist Stacey McKillop and the showcase event in Glasgow’s SWG3 venue.

We met to shoot on a crisp dry March afternoon in the grounds of Erskine Hospital where Stacey put the finishing touches to her recreation of “Balthazar” from the reboot of the TV show Charmed.

We worked outdoors in full daylight but with a trio of speedlights, some coloured gels and a bit of experimenting we created a night-time look. We also created a few strange looks from the dog walking fraternity.


On the 2nd of May the make up artists and models had to do it all again for their showcase event and visitors were wowed by the creations.

Unfortunately I don’t know the names of the models or make up artists in each shot, so if you identify yourself and you would like me to add a tag or a link, please message me.

Or if you like my work and would like to collaborate with me please get in touch.

You can see more of my work on Flickr:

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