Perfect Skin

For a long time I have been perplexed by how to achieve the super smooth skin tones models have in the ads in glossy magazines.  In part it is due the model having clear skin, professional make-up artists, expensive lighting set ups and expert image manipulation.

 While I don’t have access to professional hair stylists or make up artists at my studio sessions, I have worked hard in “the GIMP” to develop a technique which mimics these high end studio productions.

I have developed my technique to produce extremely smooth skin colour and tone but still retain detailed natural looking texture.  

The original shot below is from a studio session I did with Glasgow based model, Donna Crainie, last year. When seen side by side with the original image, I think the processed image looks a little overworked but on its own I think it stands up fairly well.

If you are a Glasgow based model with ideas for a studio shoot on a Time for CD basis, then please get in touch and we can chat about our ideas.

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