3D Anaglyphic Photography

Denis Alyshev is a well known figure to Scottish club photographers with his presentation of his amazing 3D images from around the globe. Following his recent presentation at my camera club I decided to have a go at 3D photography using the red/cyan anaglyph technique.

Each image has been captured digitally and the red/cyan separations have been created in GIMP.

Thinking in 3D changes the way you think about the composition of your image, the usual “rules” of composition apply but you are also thinking about the perception of depth.  I am finding that scenes which would not normally make a “good” image can be very effective in 3D.

So dig out your red/cyan 3D specs and have  look.  Feel free to leave a comment.  While you are here you might like to subscribe to this blog to see my latest images.

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