Green with envy for blue.

Today I set myself the challenge of shooting a photograph with a green subject…

Walking around Glasgow City Centre during my lunch hour I realised just how much greenery there is around our urban environment.  It was certainly a reminder to pay attention to the familiar.

I found myself around the site of the old Rotten Row Maternity Hospital, where I was born and where my Mum worked until she passed away.  The old hospital building has been regenerated or reborn if you will into an open landscaped garden area and I found the source of my images for today.

Just try to burst my balloons!

In the middle of the garden area is a giant safety pin sculpture, no doubt a inspired by the safety pins holding up the terry towelling nappies of yesteryear on this site.  But the point of interest, if you’ll excuse the pun, was the trio of green balloons caught up on the sculpture just waiting to be popped but not with this pin.


There it was an image to fulfil todays brief but I so wished that todays challenge was “Blue”…


…Now, I don’t know Leo, but if I did, I’m sure he would have my vote.

Around the area were another couple of abstract shots that I thought made worthy images, but not on topic.

And finally, I managed to sneak in a little 3D anaglyph image (you’ll need red/cyan glasses for this one)

Green Theme Anaglyph

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